We introduce ourselves as SUN ENTERPRISE - DAIRY FARM. We are expert dealers in Dairy Animals and products. We have available in our stables various types of cattle including the FRIESANS, GIR, JERSEY Cows and goats. We have our animal farms spread across different regions of India. We have farms and production stables in the Agro rich regions of Shillong - Meghalaya, Dharwad - kanartaka and Pune - Maharashtra (INDIA).

The origin of our cattle is well accepted for its brilliant diversity and adaptability across the markets of the India. Sun Enterprises - Dairy farm is a top agricultural company providing pioneering Dairy solutions, and healthy Livestock in INDIA.

Sun Enterprises Dairy Farms is one of the first suppliers of Dairy cattle and sheep in India. we have in stock various types of cows and goats all of good gentic background and health such as Friesan cows, Gir Cows, Jersey Cow and lots of different goat species with good milking capacity.

We also deal in dairy products such as milk, hyde, horn and also do cross breeding of our species to produce superior ones with advanced genetic strength. our stables boast of a lot of over 300 cows which are avaialable per month. read more

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We offer training regarding cattle management, feeding procedure of cattle and disease control management for new dynamic dairy farmers.

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We offer turnkey advisor services for setting up dairy farms in group sizes from 10 to 500 animals and offer complete project management services.

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